January 19, 2012

Creatures of Habit

Transitioning into something new is always hard at first - like getting married, for example.  Before marriage, you could go out with friends at a moments notice.  After marriage, you need to let your partner know about your plans.  Before marriage, you could get wasted and dance on tables at the bar.  After marriage, you drink tea and have game nights.  

But seriously, the reason you make these adjustments is because it's worth it.  If getting to spend your life with your soul-mate means you can't go out at a moments notice or dance on tables at bars anymore, then so be it.  I don't know any happily married people that would change that for the world.

So that's how to view this lifestyle change - yes, there will be growing pains.  Yes, you'll have occasional cravings for things you used to eat.  But it's about changing the old habits and creating new, better, healthier habits.  For example,

  • The restaurant you go to every Friday night where you got a bacon cheeseburger from, doesn't have any good vegan options.  
    • CHANGE THE HABIT.  Find a new restaurant that has some great vegan options!  Any Mexican restaurants (Chipotle, Hot Head Burritos, El Rancho Grande, etc.), Italian restaurants (Carrabba's, etc.), Asian restaurants (China Cottage, Sushi Hana, etc.) or places that have some good vegan options (Chop House, a steak restaurant, has a great veggie plate!). 
  • You are used to eating eggs and/or sugary cereal every morning.  
    • CHANGE THE HABIT.  Find a new healthy breakfast that you like - that will be your new staple.  Muffins made for the week, healthy cereal with plant-based milk, fruit, oatmeal, etc.
  • You drive through McDonald's for a quick lunch or dinner because you don't have any frickin' time!!!!
    • CHANGE THE HABIT.  Start planning - freeze things for quick on-the-go meals.  Make a quick healthy wrap (veggies, beans, hummus in a tortilla) or burrito (beans, rice, salsa, guac in a tortilla).  For emergencies, have some nut butter and all-natural fruit spread on some whole grain bread.  That can be your new fast food.  Does this take a little extra effort?  Sure does!  But guess what....your body will thank you.  You won't feel like total shit (because you definitely will after eating fast food) and you won't feel guilty.  Plus, you won't get cancer and have to go on Lipitor.  It's a win win!

Start small, but start today.  Try changing one habit.  And eventually, you'll feel better, live better, eat better, and have a better quality of life.  Just like marriage, it will all be worth it.  

Love and kale,

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