April 24, 2012

BIG NEWS: Walking, Living, Breathing Proof

Drum roll please.....

My friend Ann, who started this whole foods, plant based diet a few months ago, recently got her blood work done.  Here are the results after only a few months as a vegan - and it's pretty exciting - and not atypical.

Met with my endocrinologist today to get my lab results back. Why is Ann seeing an endocrinologist you may ask?  Well my dirty little secret is out.  I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

I'm not going into detail about it, you can google it if you want to know more.  But I've been battling for 10+ years.  Drugs, low carb diets, regular tests, I've done it all.  Magically I was able to conceive two amazing children, and have yo-yo'd weight all through my 20's.  It's highly encouraged for women who have PCOS to follow a low carb diet (Adkins, South Beach, etc) as simple carbohydrates impact literally everything in the PCOS body.  But I could not bring myself to eat meat, cheese, and eggs again to lose the weight.  I had to make a change, and I went against everything I had been told that would be successful in the past... I became plant-based. 

I have been eating carbs... and loving it.  People give me such a hard time about "being vegan is so difficult." That's complete BS.  Eating meat, cheese and eggs is friggin' hard!  So I decided to test this plant-based diet out on my blood-work.  Sure we know it lowers cholesterol, blah blah blah, but could it do more with the PCOS body?

Keep that drum roll going.....

Now mind you that I have only been plant-based for 4 months.  I have only lost 8lbs (Painfully stagnant, I know, working on that next).   I have gone off two of my medications prior to starting this (on my own accord due to the cost).  One of which was Statin for my cholesterol.  The other was my birth control pill.  Magically my cycles have stayed regular, and of course my cholesterol went down.

Okay, okay... here are the results:

We'll start with the obvious - Cholesterol:
  • Total cholesterol: 
    • 1 year ago:  237  
    • Today: 176
  • Triglycerides:
    • 1 year ago:  142
    • Today: 90
  • LDLs (bad cholesterol):
    • 1 year ago: 139
    • Today: 98
  • HDLs (good cholesterol):
    • 1 year ago: 70
    • Today: 60  (okay, so this one should not have dropped, but it's still good)

And the not so obvious results:

Women with PCOS tend to be insulin resistant making it difficult to properly process glucose in cells and instead store the glucose as fat.
  • Fasting Insulin: 
    • 1 year ago:  14
    • Today:  7  (this was surprising in spite my carb consumption)

Women with PCOS also make higher than normal testosterone levels (male hormones).
  • Testosterone:
    • 1 year ago:  33 
    • Today:  19

So, voila, there you have it.  Not only does this plant-based, whole-foods thing work for good heart health and cancer prevention, but there are some added benefits for other issues as well.  

And NOW I'm a believer.  And now, I will never stop!

I will, however, limit my simple carb consumption, avoid simple starches, keep to lower GI (Glycemic index) foods, but most importantly, with a break in the weather.... get out and exercise.  

Can't wait to see my blood work will look like a year from now (is there better than normal?).

We are SO PROUD of Ann!  Walking, living, breathing proof - and encouragement that YOU can do this too!

Love & Kale,


Dehydrated Fruit

Ingredients: Crap load of fruit

Instructions: Peel, slice and dehydrate

Results: Happy healthy kids (and myself)

Crapload of fruit

Nifty apple corer-peeler thing

Peeling apples!

Perfect little apple
Done dehydrating

Picky kid approved


  1. This is such great news Ann! Those #'s don't lie and just goes to show the strong and vital relationship between diet and health......kudos to you!!!

    Love and congrats,


  2. Congrats on the awesome blood work, glad to see that plant based really works for you. I'm trying my best to eat a lot more veggies and less carbs, its diffidently not easy but doable.

  3. Wow, that's great! I love reading things like this. Very inspiring--thanks for sharing!