February 27, 2013

Welcome to the NEW Project Kale!

Hi my fabulous followers - both old and new!  Welcome to the BRAND NEW Project Kale site! 

*Aren't I beautiful?*

My hope for Project Kale has always been to help guide you towards a plant-based diet, so you can be happier and healthier.  The new site includes several new features that will hopefully make this transition easier.  Changes can be hard - but this one will be completely worth it.

Here are some of the new Project Kale features:
  • Recipage - On this page, you will find all of my recipes listed in various categories, with easy printable pages.
  • About - Here you can read more about the purpose and goals of the project.  You can also read all about yours truly, and how I came to love this lifestyle.
  • Why Plant-Based? - On this page, you can read various information, data, and research on the benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet.
  • Tips & Tricks - Here you will find a variety of tips and tricks that will help you during the transition to a plant-based lifestyle.
  • Weekly Menu Suggestions - On this page, you will find my weekly menu suggestions, including daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snack ideas.
In addition to the new features of the site, it's also prettier. 

So much prettier.

Let me know what you think of the BRAND NEW Project Kale!  And stay tuned for all new fabulous recipes.

Love & Kale,

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