March 11, 2013

Vegan in Woodstock

Sunday afternoon in March....


56 degrees......sun shining.....with the one you love.

Perfect day for a road trip!

So with the sunroof open, sunglasses on, music blasting, we hit the road.  Instead of a typical Sunday afternoon trip to the city, we went the opposite direction and headed up north. 

There has always been a small part of me that is a hippie at heart - I love trees, braids, long flowy skirts, and plants (obviously).  However there is a larger part of me that is OCD, type-A, and a huge fan of impeccable personal hygiene. 

Oh well, maybe in my next life I'll be a hippie....

But I do love all things hippie - and there happens to be this little town that's just a couple of hours north of where I currently live in NY that's a hippie paradise. 


Ever heard of it? 

Well, it's such a cute town, full of fun shops and great people watching (like drummers in the middle of the sidewalk, and old men in wheelchairs holding pizza and wheeling backwards).  My Ohio friends - it's like Yellow Springs on crack....or high....or whatever, you get the point.

We walked around and explored the town, visiting the unique shops....

But the best part?

The food and restaurants.  Talk about vegan friendly - these are my peeps!!

Nearly every little café and restaurant has a vegan option - smoothies can be made dairy-free, Mexican dishes can be made with tofu, and they even had tofu hot dogs and tons of vegan soups.

So exciting.

We chose this amazing little café called Joshua's.  They had a HUGE menu, mostly Middle Eastern, but a wide variety of foods.  There were a ton of vegan options - which makes for a very confused and happily overwhelmed vegan. 

I'm used to having very few options when going out to brunch or lunch.  So when I have over five?  I get giddy and take a billion hours to order.  Good thing my dining partner is patient and finds it amusing when I clap my hands in delight at finding tofu scramble on the menu.....

So here's what I finally decided upon...

A yummy soy latte....

Delicious falafel and hummus.....

And this little gem - a ginger glazed tofu pita.  OMG.  So good.

I've posted before on getting creative when traveling as a plant-based rock star.  But when you have the epitome of a hippie town only a couple of hours away from you?  Well that's a traveling plant-based, rock star, OCD hippie's dream....

Leave a comment!  Tell me, have you ever been pleasantly surprised when dining out?  Finding healthy options when you didn't think you would?

Love & Kale,


  1. I love Woodstock! The little markets there, the old hippies leftover from the festival, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, the's a great place. I desperately miss it.

    I have been pleasantly surprised before, when we moved to Arizona I was ecstatic to found out there are many all-vegan food places in AZ, and many more vegan friendly places.

    1. It was such a unique place! You're so lucky to have vegan places in AZ! I know they have great health spas in some parts of AZ....maybe that helps influence more healthy dining options?

  2. I remember when I visited a sports-bar like restaurant, "Red Robin" (home of the $13 bacon cheeseburger) they actually offered a yummy "vegan" veggie burger!

    1. That's great! Yes, an increasing number of burger places are offering veggie burgers now! Some are vegan, some contain eggs, but's still a step in the right direction!